About handling private information of customers (English)

About definition of private information
Personal information means the information by which a customer can be identified; information such as acquired through our marketing /interview with our sales person, an exchanging business card, descriptions in an agreement application to us, name/age/address/phone number/occupation/e-mail address and images uploaded by customers on internet or acquired by us through internet or postcard as well as the one acquired by us when customers contact us to inquire about us and our services and the one given from other services by our partner companies with agreement of customers. It includes the information by which customers cannot be identified but can be identified with the combination of other information (such as order number). However, if the information was processed for statistics and it no longer enables to identify customers, it is not included in private information.
About acquisition and use of personal information
We use acquired personal information within the scope for the following purpose of use. We also handle assigned personal information for our business of information process services such as member management services. We never use these personal information for the purpose other than above purpose of use (“Unintended Use”) without prior consent of customers.
However, when we request customers to provide personal information through our sales person in the occasion of the interview, exchanging business card, various events, fairs and seminars, we may not indicate the purpose of use.
The case that it is necessary to contact customers for the answering questions and comments
The case it is necessary to contact customers when our service was not appropriate such as disorderly binding, missing pages, damage and defacement in the products
The case it is necessary to collect service charge
The case when we ship the award products to the winner in our free gift promotion
The case when we use it to provide various information such as introductions of our products and services by direct mail and e-mail
The case when we use it for our business such as accounting, financing and its collateral businesses
Other cases when we acquired the prior consent of customers
About the use of Cookie
Some of our Web sites provide supporting function to customers operations by using cookie. Cookie used by our services includes session cookie (discarded when the browser is closed) and persistent cookie (Saved in the disk). The personal information will be never written directly in cookie. When you use those sites, you need to turn cookies on.
When we access customers
We access customers basically within the purpose of use. If we need to access customers exceeding the purpose of use, we will acquire the consent of customers first telling the acquiring measures and the purpose of use.
About acquisition of personal information from customers under 18 years old
When acquire the personal information from customers under 18 years old, we may require the consent of the guardian if necessary.
About assignment of personal information
We will assign acquired personal information to external parties within the following purpose of use. We may re-assign the personal information which was assigned by our client companies. For such cases, we manage the personal information strictly by selecting the company that has properly arranged personal information management system and concluding the confidentiality agreement of personal information so that the personal information of customers will not be leaked, displayed and re-assigned.
The case when we produce the products according to the order of customers
The case when we ship the products according to the order of customers
About sharing personal information
We may share acquired personal information.
[Item of personal data for sharing use]
Name, address, phone number, occupation, identifiable e-mail address, images uploaded by customers
[Scope of persons to use by sharing]
Publishers of our products that have appropriate confidentiality agreement with us
[Purpose of use of users]
For the situation report regarding using situation of products and services and the improvement of satisfaction level, products development and service
When judging approval propriety in approval system member service
[Responsible person of personal data management]
Contents Works Inc.
[Measures of use]
Acquiring information by accessing our server from sharing user through the account issued by us
About providing personal information to third parties
We provide acquired personal information to the following third parties.
[Items of personal data to provide]
Name, address, phone number, identifiable e-mail address
[Scope of persons to be provided]
Payment agency that has an appropriate confidentiality agreement with us
[Purpose of use of provider]
When settling by payment agency based on the order of customers
[Responsible person of personal data management]
Contents Works Inc.
[Measures to provide]
Inquiry for credit card payment
Disclose orally the name and the address when inquired from credit card settlement agency through phone
Inquiry for NP credit
Name and address is automatically sent to the server of the settlement agency from the system with SSL after placing orders
(Files personal information is included never be created and saved.)
We may provide the personal information without the consent of customers in the following cases.
The case that it is necessary to provide it according to the mandate of government agencies based on the laws
The case that it is necessary to protect the life, body and property of an individual and it is difficult to get consent of the said person.
The case that we provide the information of legal entity, other corporation and officers or stockholders of such organizations when it is disclosed or made public by themselves and we advise them accordingly with other necessary items.
Other cases that we need to provide the information of customers to third party and for such cases we notice it to them and get the consent from them
About supplying personal information voluntarily
When you do not enter required items which are necessary to get our services, you may not be served.
About handling comments and requests
We are free to use comments, requests and suggestions from our customers as long as they do not restrict the purpose of use. However, if it includes identifiable information and we use it as it is, we will get consent of customers in advance.
About the application form of requesting information disclosure which is subject to disclose
We will accept the application of the request of notice of utilization purpose, disclosure, correction, delete, revision, stoppage of use, sharing use or providing to others (hereinafter referred to as Disclosure etc.) about the personal information of customers which we hold.
See “About application procedure of Disclosure etc. (Japanese)“for the detail. Application of Disclosure etc. will be charged.
About a manager of personal information protection
Content Works Inc.
Representative President Akihiko Ogino
VORT-GaienmaeⅢ6F 3-42-2 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001 JAPAN
TEL 03-6673-5830
Inquiry about personal information
[Contact Center for complaints and inquiries about our personal information handling]
Contact us at below for inquiries about our personal information handling. We will respond after checking the contents.
Contents Works Inc. Section in Charge for personal information protection
TEL 03-6673-5830 (Main Switchboard)

[Name of “Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization” where we are authorized and contact information for the complaints]
We are authorized by below authorized personal information protection organization. The organization accepts complaints and inquiries about personal information handling of authorized member.
general incorporated foundation Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC)
Privacy mark promotion headquarters and personal information protection complaints center
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
TEL +81-3-5860-7565/Toll-free service 0120-700-779
*Personal information protection policy in sites may be revised according to the change of rules such as law.